The M1 Robot for Robocode 0.98.3

Bored during the week-end of 9 February 2002, I decided to write the definitive 'bot for Robocode, a game devised by IBM AlphaWorks that lets players write Java classes that simulate robots, then pit them against one another in battle.

Well, the M1 fit the bill; in my tests, it consistently crushed all of the top robots at the Gladiatorial League.  Then the folks at IBM came out with version 0.98.3, which eliminated the "feature" I was using to create the M1's special weapons.  So, for those who were curious, I wrote an installer that you could have used to play the robot in the new version of the game.

Then, IBM politely asked me to stop distributing the installer, and I took it down.

You can find other robots living in the Robocode Repository and at Robocode Fanatics.

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