Friends on the Web

David Sklar Mr. Sklar is extremely talented. You can tell because he has his own domain name.
Jim Danly Mr. Danly's penchant for understatement is exhibited in his elegant web site...
David Ries Mr. Ries is my roommate from college. He is the COO of!
Tra Bouscaren Tra is another college roommate, who is currently pursuing a career as an artist in Berlin.
Thinh Nguyen Thinh is a friend of mine from high school.  He's recently abandoned the corporate life to work at Science Commons.
Ben Mazin Ben is a friend of mine from Yale. He's the highly indrustrious President of Mazin Submersible Technology, Inc., makers of Jetboots.
Liz Hawkins Although otherwise as sharp as a tack, Liz has recently decided to throw caution to the wind and join us in the working world.
Tom Gibbon Tom is working hard on his book about the Decline and Fall of something-or-other. His escapades have landed him an appearance in this article; he wrote this one, and there are all of those letters, as well.
Joe Solin My brother's website.
Sandra Cohen My cousin Sandy's web site.
Matt Gold My friend Matt has a blog! The Great Technical Leveling has finally come!

Nifty Web Goodies

Language Log Descriptivist linguists' amusing perspective on the zeitgeist.
Epinions Read reviews (including some that I've written) on tons of things you might want to buy.
Google The web's fastest search engine.
Clusty An interesting search engine that clusters search results based on context... quite possibly better than Google!
Babelfish A cool language translation utility, brought to you by Digital... I mean Compaq... I mean HP.
Slashdot A great source for information on emerging compter technology.
Digg Better than Slashdot.
InfoSpace Find any kind of business near an address!