House Exterior Page

The very first work I had done to the house consisted of exterior repainting, repointing, and rebuilding the porch and balcony. Soon afterward, I had the electrical service upgraded and most of the house re-wired.

Since I do not believe that foundation plantings do anything other than encourage insects and rot, I had all the shrubbery removed and new drip-edges installed in their place. This exposed the seven rotten foundation windows that were then replaced. I also had chimney top dampers and caps installed on the three chimneys with workable fireplaces.

The House Exterior, Before and After Exterior Repairs

March 2002 March 2003
West side (before) West side (after)
A view of the West side of the main house, taken from across Main St. A picture taken from the same location, after renovations. Note the new power meter (I upgraded service from 60 to 200 amps).
South side (before) South side (after)
The south side of the house, with the front door and driveway visible. A picture taken from the same location, after exterior renovation. Note the new copper gutter over the balcony, new exterior light on the balcony and new caps on three of the chimneys.
Entryway detail (before) Entryway detail (after)
A close-up shot of the main enterance. The entryway, after renovations. The new mailbox that I installed is visible.
East side (before) East side (after)
The back of the house, which is also the eastern side. Same shot, after renovations. Contrast the condition of the porch/balcony, and note the replacement of the small window with an attic vent.
North East (before) North East (after)
A view of the north-eastern corner of the house before renovation. The north-eastern corner, after renovations.
North-west (before) North West (after)
The northwestern corner of the house. A view of the same corner of the house after renovations.

Construction Photos

East side Magnolia
A shot of the east end of the house during reconstruction of the porch and balcony. The magnolia tree in bloom in the spring! My old storied BMW is visible on the right.
West side South side
The street-side, with shutters removed for repainting. The south side with shutters removed. I installed a Knox box, visible to the left of the door, and my new industrial-strength mailbox while the painting was going on.
Foundation window Repointing
Installation of one of the seven new foundation windows. Detail of masonry repointing, after the shrubs were removed.